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You should read these Terms carefully before signing any agreement or contract as it contains important information about your rights and responsibilities when entering into any contract for service with Us. TasTech Repairs (“We”, “Us” or “Our”) (ABN: 44134888912). Where applicable, these terms apply to all transactions entered into between Us and You and includes terms relating to all work performed by Our technicians and service agents. These terms are in no way intended to limit or reduce your statutory rights under the Australian Consumer Law (“ACL”) and the ACL shall prevail wherever inconsistencies occur.


If We are unable to fix/repair (“fix”) your equipment or provide You with a solution to fix your equipment, you will not pay any cost, even if one of Our technicians and service agents attends onsite. You should know that often the only solution to the current problem might be that you need to upgrade your operating system, software, components or computer hardware, which of course is to be your own expense. If this is Our advice for fixing a problem, you will still be charged a service fee and for Our time to attend onsite as this is considered a solution or a fix to your problem, irrespective of whether you choose to follow Our advice or recommendations.
a) NOTE: for data recovery and laptop/hardware repairs an assessment fee is charged and is not refundable under the ‘No Fix, No Fee’ policy. You should know that in some cases We may be unable to either recover files for data recovery or repair the laptop/hardware equipment at a lower cost than the price for new equipment of similar or identical quality.


TasTech Repairs offer a 21-day work guarantee on all labour performed by one of Our technicians and service agents. Only the work performed (as appears on the invoice) is covered under the warranty and, at Our discretion. We may elect to have the same technician attend onsite to fix the problem inside of the 21-day work guarantee. You must allow Us proper opportunity to fix or rectify any faults or problems with the guarantee timeframe. You will not be entitled for reimbursement (by way of money or services) if You engage another service provider to fix or repair any problems that You allege Were caused by Us. In addition, Our technician reserves the right to determine, upon proper inspection of your system, whether or not any problems or faults are either a direct, related or unrelated occurrence to any work that We performed. If the problem is unrelated, you will not be entitled to reimbursement.


a) Warranty: TasTech Repairs supplies a 1-Year Warranty on all assembled systems. We offer a manufacturer’s warranty on all hardware and parts and a 1-year warranty on all assembled systems, assembled by Us. All warranties are voided if the relevant warranty label(s) has/have been removed or tampered with. The original invoice must be supplied for all warranty claims. In no way does this warranty cover You for any hardware faults caused by viruses or malware, software, operating systems, applications or programs or configurations and changes to the system You or other parties have made.
b) No Warranty for Loss of Data: Fixing and repairing problems with computers and hardware is inherently risky when it comes to ensuring that data is not lost or damaged in the process. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety of your data, We make no warranties or guarantees, either expressly or impliedly, that your data will not be damaged and/or lost during any repairs or maintenance performed on your system. You are strongly encouraged to back-up your data or system prior to Our technicians or service agents attending on site. Our technician can back-up your data for You for an additional charge (cost TBA).
c) General Disclaimer: As far as the law permits, We are not liable for any damages for loss, theft, injury or death howsoever caused. This extends to any third parties.
d) Where applicable, you are responsible for any courier costs and insurance costs for purchased and warranty goods.


Unless otherwise stated in writing by TasTech Repairs, payment terms are strict “payment-on-delivery” for all goods and services rendered. For service out-calls, onsite or remote services, payment must be made at the completion. We accept payment by cash, credit card and direct deposit.


We will not share your personal details or discuss any of your personal information with any person not expressly authorised by You. Authorisation must be made in writing to Us and must include your name, address, date of birth, signature and date. Please see our privacy policy page for more information.


In most cases, We guarantee same day service, however, same day service is subject to availability of our technicians and service agents. There is NO guaranteed that Our technicians and service agents will be able to complete the service or fix your problem on that same day and there may be a requirement to have the service agent or technician return on another day to complete the repairs or take the equipment away for further work and diagnosis.


Any sundry or additional expenses incurred by Us in providing services to You will be added to the invoice. For example, this may include the reasonable cost of parking if You are unable to provide free parking at a convenient distance from your home or place of business. Any rural property or business must provide accurate information for directions onto the property regarding unsealed roads, flood zones or any potential hazard that may impede entering your property. We recommend providing accurate parking directions and hazard information to the Us when you book your appointment.


a) For your safety, We ensure that all of Our technicians and service agents receive Police background checks.
b) You or an adult over the age of 18 years old must be present at all times whilst one of Our technicians and service agents attends onsite. For everyone’s safety, under absolutely no circumstances must minors or children under the age of 18 be left alone without adult supervision whilst a technician attends onsite.
c) You warrant that You are an authorised person who has authority to permit a technician to attend onsite and you acknowledge that We will take no responsibility for any loss or damage due to any misrepresentations made by You with respect to this.
d) You must ensure that You or an authorised person is available to allow Our technicians and service agents access to your property at the scheduled time. If Our technicians and service agents are unable to access the property or equipment or if they are made to wait for an excessive amount of time, whether caused by You or another person reasonably associated with you, you will be charged a service fee including the applicable rate for any time spent on-site.
e) You must ensure that the site is safe and free from any hazards or potential health dangers. Our technicians and service agents reserve the right to refuse to repair your system if they feel unsafe.


a) It is up to You to provide a COVID safe environment for our technicians and service agents whist onsite. Our technicians and service agents will willing wear a face mask if you or your business requires it as part of your COVID safety policy.
b) If you or any household members or staff are feeling unwell or have any flu-like symptoms, please let the technician or service agent know on arrival or call our business mobile prior to service.

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