Starlink Installation Tasmania

Round Dish

Ordered 20th Nov 2021 – Arrived 25th Feb 2022

Received my confirmation of the order on 16th Feb and took 9 days after final payment.

Delivery through DHL was constantly updated (almost daily) informing me of my delivery progress then handed over to a local supplier for the final door delivery.

On speaking with the driver who had informed me he had a massive delivery of Starlink boxes in his van for just my area and surrounds (Penguin 7316) just shows how much the people in Tasmania are fed up with being left behind with the NBN and our FTTN unreliable connections.

The Starlink dish (Dishy) mount comes standard with a ground level mount which the reason being is for quick setup to test the connection. They acknowledge that many customers use a permanent mount above ground level (on the roof of the house) and additional mounts for this purpose are available to purchase but you cannot make a purchase until your order has been confirmed and paid. click here.

In my case, I received the confirmation of the order on the 16th Feb 2022, paid the final amount then purchased a Volcano Mount for my roof but this was not shipped with my dish. After contacting Starlink I was told it would be shipped on 17th March 2022 with at least a week plus in delivery.

This really did annoy me as I did not want to wait another month to install on my roof.

I ordered a coupling substitute off eBay from an Australian manufacturer and had my local antenna company that services all Tasmania (Digital & Satellite Services) supply their roof mounts that connected with my coupling and installed on my roof that is actually more secure to handle the Tassie windy conditions.

Starlink Installation Tasmania
Starlink Installation Tasmania

I don’t see any other option unless you know someone with a Starlink, and you can ask them to purchase a mount while you wait for your kit so when it arrives you are ready to go.

Starlink Modem: (Round Dish)

The router has one (1) Ethernet port labelled AUX. If you require more ports, you will have to purchase a small Desktop Switch (recommend D-Link 5 or 8-port 10/100 Desktop Switch). The modem has wi-fi (dual band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz).

You are not limited to using the Starlink modem/router, you can use your own that may already have more ports. Some customers I have read online say they have a better connection with their own modem, however no information is produced through the Starlink app.

In my case, I am using the supplied Starlink modem with one ethernet port which I have connected my 8-port desktop switch which allows me to connect my office PCs and laptops with an ethernet cable.

As the Wi-Fi from the supplied modem is suitable for most homes, I have connected my Cobra AC5300 modem and bridged it through the Starlink modem and created a WI-FI bridge to extend the signal and handle the mass of phones, tablets, smart home gadgets and peripherals that all require an internet connection.

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